Saturday, June 13, 2009

Puppy-Sitting Adventures

This week was pretty crazy.  We had to travel to Texas on short notice for a funeral - which meant that Honeydew had to go and stay with a puppy-sitter.  Luckily - a very wonderful family that had been raising a guide dog puppy that was career changed offered to help us out.  We are very appreciative of their kindness!  And, Honeydew had a great time.  Here is an email they sent us while we were in Texas, along with a picture of Honeydew and Cole (their career change pup, who we have puppy-sat before, Cole is a very sweet and calm puppy).

"So far the hardest thing is calling each dog by their correct name....
Whats that Cole, yes I know Honeydew has messed up her side of the towel.
No Honeydew, Cole is not on your side, yes I see that she is touching you.
Cole just because you were here first doesn't mean you always get the first treat, Honeydew is your guest.
Ok you two stop it now, don't do that, nope, hey I said stop, Cole sit,  I mean Honeydew, aaaggh!!!

If it's not my own kids its now the two darn dogs.  
That's it!~, you two, go to your kennels......"

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