Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Duck Poop! Yahoo!

Tonight we went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for Honeydew's puppy class outing.  It was really hot today - so a walk through this beautiful park was great fun.  In addition to delightful walking paths and greenery (lots of Rhodies in bloom, to say the least), there was a huge lagoon with tons of ducks and geese.  The Dew loved the ducks -- but even more than that, she was absolutely giddy about the, well, duck poop!  Her nose would go down, I would pop it back up...her nose would go down, I would pop it back up.  It looked like I had a yo-yo in my hand or something.  Overall, she did really well on the outing, even when we came around other dogs (she got excited, but not embarrassingly so).  She is also much improved with walking on a loose leash (although, she occasionally forgets and starts to pull again). 

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