Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Murder and Earthquakes, Oh My!

Tonight may have been Honeydew's last puppy social outing - if she gets recalled in July.  It was sort of sad because of that, but we had a great time.  Our friend Chris is in town for a few days, so we made him go with us.  The outing included a trip to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), followed by a walk along the river. 

Photo 1:  Honeydew checking out the "Crime Scene Investigation" (CSI) exhibit, which included stories and characters from the TV show (CSI Las Vegas).  This was one of the crime scenes that you then had to process through the lab like they do on the show.  Glenn says that he and Chris solved the murder...but I have no proof.

Photo 2:  Chris, me and Honeydew in the "earthquake simulator"...Honeydew didn't seem to mind the shaking and noises it made.  I think we went for the 6.8 magnitude quake.  Chris certainly made the most of the experience.

Photo 3: Found a cartoon of Honeydew...although, she could have cared less about it.  "Just take the picture already mom, geesh."

Photo 4:  A group photo of our puppy club along the river walk.  Click on the photo to see a bigger image.

Photo 5: Honeydew and I practicing walking on the grated walkway along the river.  You could see through the grate to the ground about 10-15 feet below - she wasn't afraid at all.  There is a huge cruise ship docked in downtown - such a strange site!

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