Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Due Date...

....for our new puppy is May 14!!

Best we can tell (from cryptic emails - Guide Dogs love their acronyms), it will be a female, black lab, with a name that starts with a "C".  Any guesses??  They never name two dogs the same name (until the first dog with that name retires, which can be ~8 or more years).  So, sometimes the names are pretty crazy as they scrape the bottom of the name barrel.

She was born on March 12 - somewhere in near Guide Dogs for the Blind campus in California.  The "puppy truck" comes up on the 14th, and then we go out to the campus in Boring to pick her up.  The "puppy truck" is a specially designed truck that tries to keep the puppies safe, even in an accident.  The leaders were telling us about one accident it had up in a snow storm in Tahoe many years ago, very serious, driver was critically injured - but all of the puppies were safe.  I can't imagine what this thing must look like.

We are VERY excited!  What a new adventure. Gonna be lots of black female dogs running around the Crim household, to say the least.