Sunday, July 4, 2010

Linus - Honeydew's New Buddy

Honeydew has a new buddy! Linus, a 3 year old Aussie/Husky mix has joined our family. He and Honeydew are having a blast together - playing tug and chase, taking naps on the same bed, going to day care together. They appear to be a perfect match in the personality department - Linus enjoys playing with her, but isn't so high in energy that Honeydew becomes a complete spaz around him (well, at least not any more than usual).

Linus has been deaf since birth - but he doesn't seem to let that slow him down at all. It is a new experience for us - learning to talk to a dog with our hands instead of the tone of our voice. But, we are all figuring it out - Linus has been very patient with us.

Honeydew seems much happier to have someone to keep her company during the day. She was left loose in the house all of last week and didn't destroy anything. Linus is certainly earning his kibble by keeping Honeydew out of trouble!

We are quite smitten with Linus - and look forward to having him in our family.