Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portland Walking Tour

Today our puppy club did a walking tour of downtown Portland (with a guide).  It was think that I have lived in Portland for so long, yet learned and saw so many new things.  I realized that I tend to walk past amazing old building and artwork without even noticing it!  

All of the puppies did a great job - it was a long and hot adventure.  We walked all over town, into some old hotels, down along the river, on the floating walk-way, etc.   We were quite the sight - especially with 14 dogs touring through several fancy-pants hotels in downtown Portland, like the new (and very cool) The Nines, which is in a restored 100 year old building.  The tour took over 3 hours - we were all exhausted by the time it was over.

In the photos: Walking through Pioneer Square (Portland's "Living Room"); Taking a break along the waterfront; Honeydew watching the geese float by in the river; Taking another break near some funky artwork that makes noise; Walking across the Steel Bridge - lots of bikes and runners, so we had to hug the rail. 

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