Sunday, June 21, 2009

Off to College!

We haven't gotten the official letter yet, but it sounds like Honeydew will be recalled back to Guide Dogs for the Blind around July 10.  She will then enter the formal Guide Dog training program...10 levels/phases of training.  If she makes it through all 10, then she will get paired up with a blind partner.  Some days I think she will make it all the way through the program...other days I am not so sure (she is sooooo dog distracted).  But, ya never know.  We will get regular (about weekly) emails that will tell us what "phase" of training she is in (1 - 10), but that is about it.  I have a little description of each phase, so I will post that as she enters those phases.  In the meantime, we will relish our remaining weeks with her!

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