Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Puppy Pics

I thought you would enjoy these pictures as well.  An action shot of her doing battle with Ruben -- I think he won, he always kicks my butt.  And, who can ever get enough sleeping puppy pictures?

More Honeydew!

A couple recent photos of Honeydew - hard to believe how big she has gotten!!  My how time flies!  We have already out-grown two crates, and I just had to order even bigger ones today.  Geesh.  

We just got home from our weekly class with the other new Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies - the big boy, Fortune, already weighs over 35 pounds...he is only 12-weeks old!  Honeydew is doing really well - better than the other pups in some instances -- like coming when she is called, pooping on command - it's the little things in life! 

But she is REALLY distracted and intense -- wanting to lunge and jump at the other puppies, balls, kids, garbage cans, pine cones, you name it.  She is generally pretty good at home and at work with us, but being in that puppy class is too much stimulus I think.  She loves to chase and try to bite the tails of the dogs walking in front of her in class -- ughh.  We have a lot of work to do in order to break her of this "distraction" thing.  So hard being a puppy - everything is new and exciting.

She still appears to be on track to get her official green "Guide Dog Puppy in Training" jacket in about 4-weeks.  She has to demonstrate various obedience skills before she gets it, and this distraction thing won't be acceptable.  Once she has the jacket she will be able to start going into public places with us (store, bank, coffee shop, bus).  Until then, she will keep going to work with Glenn and I when she can (just depends on our schedules - as we can't take her to off-site meetings yet, and we both tend to do that a lot during any given day).  

Photo 1:  Relaxing in the sun after some playtime.

Photo 2:  First roadie - a trip up the Gorge to Hood River to meet her Uncle Matt, Aunt Michelle and Cousin Tyler (who is spending the summer kiteboarding there -- ahhh, to be 16 again).