Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Adventuring

It has been a crazy few weeks, so I took today off from work to relax.  Honeydew and I went on an adventure downtown - with the primary destination being the ceramics show.  She did a great job weaving through the crowds of people.  The best part was the look on everyone's faces when we entered the part of the show where all of the glass work was (fused and blown glass art) - clearly they were thinking "here comes a dog in a room full of breakable glass at nose level".  But, Honeydew was a champ and didn't break anything.  If anything, they honestly should have been more worried about me.  We also came upon an international fencing competition -- imagine a huge room full of hundreds of kids in fencing attire, whacking each other with swords (or "epees", isn't that what they are called?).  She was very confused by it all, but didn't shy away from the sudden movements and buzzers, and kids wearing big mesh masks on their heads.  The pictures are from our trek home.  We stopped to enjoy the sun in the grass - she promptly fell asleep.  We rode the train home - she fell asleep on that too.  Apparently, keeping me from breaking clay pots and glass sculptures took a lot out of her! 

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