Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sticky Feet

Tonight Honeydew and I had to attend Puppy Class by ourselves, as Glenn was out of town for work.  It was an interesting night - the dogs had to walk on various surfaces.  They walked over tarps, roof shingles, rugs, grates, wooden lattice, etc.  The best surfaces, however, were the runners of bubble-wrap.  It was funny to watch how the dogs responded to the noise and feeling of the bubbles popping.  Some dogs got nervous about it - others, like Honeydew, thought it was a blast.  I fear she thought it sounded like farts...which made her giggle...just like her dad [Glenn] giggles when he thinks about farts.  Uggh.  Two peas in a pod.

Of course, I also had to tell the group about our recent adventures with the dog bite.  It was sort of stressful, especially because there are other puppy club members that had their puppies transfered to other raisers in the same situation (and we got to keep Honeydew, WHEW!) - but everyone was nice about the whole thing and hopefully learned some important lessons vicariously through us.

The photos are of the dogs with all of the various "surfaces" they have to walk on laid out.  

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