Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Musical Chairs

Puppy Class tonight was entertaining.  Last week, when we did "off leash recalls" (dog on one side of the gym, you on the other, tell them to come) some of the people had to repeat themselves (say "come" more than once, which is a no-no) because they thought their dogs couldn't hear them.  So, this time the trainers brought a stereo, which they played really loud while we did the same exercise.  That will teach us to make excuses!

Somehow, this turned into playing Musical Chairs.  This was entertaining, because people sort of forgot about their dogs -- and while diving for the seats they would drag their dogs 20 feet across the gym floor.  The poor dogs were getting tangled in leashes, being pulled over and under chairs - it was total chaos.  Amazing what people will do when there is a little competition added into the mix. 

Honeydew and I finished about middle of the pack - we just don't seem to have that competitive spirit.  Plus, Honeydew is quite smitten with a gentleman that often comes to the meetings and has puppy-sat her in the past...his name is Thor.  Thor was there, so she wanted to go visit him rather than walk in circles around chairs for no apparent reason.

The picture is of me and The Dew before we got booted out of the game.  

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