Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mall Rats

Tonight we had the puppy club social (monthly outings in public with the dogs).  This one was a bit of a race through a large mall - different stores were worth a certain amount of points (difficult stores because of small aisles, dark, smells, loud music got more points).  

Of course, Glenn and I despise malls.  We were talking about it, and we quite literally think that the last time we actually walked through a mall was over 10 years ago!  So, this was torture.  We couldn't believe all of the much perfume and fragrance that you could literally taste it! Yuck!  

Honeydew did a great job.  She got nervous near a fountain with fish, but we think it was because she was startled by her reflection in the glass by the pond.  Otherwise she did great.  Yay!

The pictures are from our adventure - 
1) The group gathering, 
2) Glenn and The Dew coming out of Victoria's Secret (haha!), 
3) Some pups in the glass elevator, 
4) Glenn in his own personal hell (not only is he at the mall, but he is surrounded by children in the play area!) - Honeydew looks like a devil dog
5) Honeydew greeting a stuffed puppy.  So cute.

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