Friday, July 17, 2009

Phase One

Every couple of weeks we get a "Phase Report" from Guide Dogs that lists all of the dogs that are currently in formal training (it is about 10 pages long with about 160 dogs on it!!). Yesterday we got the first one with Ms. Honeydew listed. She is in Phase One - which means that she is getting checked out by the vets, going for walks, getting used to kennel life, etc. She gets to go on campus walks and have play sessions with the instructor assistants, along with daily grooming. Sort of like being on vacation, if you ask me.

I am working on hunting down the names of Honeydew's litter mates so that I can track their progress as well. There is one named Harvard, he too is Phase One...and another named Hayward in Phase 5. I am pretty sure they are her brothers. We have met two other brothers - Hector and Heath. I don't see them on the list. Keep your fingers crossed that she makes it through Phase Two - which is where they do "dog distractions", oh my. That is going to be so hard for her.

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  1. Hi,

    Marikay wants you to know she has been reading all about Honeydew. She has noticed that mother and daughter have many similar qualities. Marikay can relate to the overwhelming feelings of joy that come with meeting a new friend, be it another dog or a person, when out walking.

    Honeydew has a sister named Heather (black lab), and 5 brothers: Heath, Hector, Hastings, Hilton, and Hubert. We can't remember who is black and who is yellow.

    Honeydew was the sweetest puppy of the bunch and it sounds like she has the potential to be a graduate!
    Is she at the San Rafael campus? It looks like it from the photos. I hope we get to attend her graduation if she is here.

    Thanks for your great updates. Marikay only had 2 puppies her next litter. Their names are Janice (black)and Jenna (yellow). She was given two big boys from a litter of ten to raise as well: Neon and Neutron! We had them at home from age one week to ten weeks. They headed out to their puppy raising homes in early January. Marikay is our third breeder and this last litter was the tenth we have be a part of. She took her last season off and should be pregnant again this fall, with puppies due by Christmas time!

    Are you considering doing it again? As you said, there is an endless supply of adorable puppies ready to go.

    Alison and Marikay