Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Luck Dew!

Honeydew is at her new home now.  We dropped her off earlier this morning.  It was easier than I expected, mostly because Honeydew was so happy and excited to be there.  When we first walked in the door, Honeydew was immediately greeted by a huge white/brown cat named "Chester."  Chester came right up and started rubbing up against Honeydew - and Honeydew gave Chester ear kisses (one of her favorite things to do with our cat Bodine).   So many new smells, and dogs and toys.  She was so elated that every muscle was tensed - causing her toenails to make scratching noises on the concrete as she literally vibrated with excitement.

We got her settled in her new kennel, where she ran around in excited circles smelling all sorts of wonderful things.  She has lots of puppy friends in the other kennels.  This week the vets will do physical exams to make sure she is healthy - and if all goes well, she will get a kennel buddy (a male) as a roommate.  Just like the dorms at college (well, except my dorms were never co-ed).  They brought her a couple of bones/toys...and she was so excited that she chased and tossed them all over her kennel.  As you can see from the picture above...they have no shortage of toys to play with (pic is of various toys/bones stacked on a table)!

Of course, I cried in the parking lot afterward....excited for her, but sad for us.  Her absence will certainly leave a big hole in our family.  Goodbye and good luck, little miss Honeydew...until we meet again.

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