Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only Freakies Ride the Bus

"Only freakies ride the bus" is one of Glenn's favorite excuses for why he refuses to ride on the public bus but with me!  But Honeydew and I are pros at bus riding, doing it multiple times every work day.

This month Glenn and I had to plan the puppy club "social" - and since we know folks that work for our transit company (Trimet), we were able to make arrangements for the group of pups to work on the buses at the garage where they park.  

It ended up being a great experience where we could practice boarding and deboarding the bus, being exposed to the various noises (beeps, rumbles, air brake puffs), seeing the ramps go up and down, etc. There were about 17 pups there, as another puppy club came to join us as well.  It was fun.  For some of the dogs, it was their first time on the bus.  

So, now, only freakies and puppies ride the bus.  In the future, maybe I should try kibble rewards to get Glenn on the bus!

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