Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Kitty, Bad Kitty

Today was a crazy day.  To start things off, we had a bit of drama this morning.  It was time for Honeydew to get her heart worm medication, which comes in the form of a chewable cube of something that smells and tastes wonderful (well, at least that is what Honeydew says).  While she is distracted with eating that, I usually apply the flea treatment (a liquid) between her shoulder blades.  I set the bowl with the heart worm medication and a few kibbles on the floor in front of Honeydew and told her to wait -- she knows she isn't allowed to eat until she is told to do so.  Well, while I had my back turned to prep the flea medicine...our evil, sneaky, rotten black cat ("Ruben") snuck into the kitchen, stole the heart worm medication from her bowl, bolted into the living room and had swallowed the thing whole before I could get to him (which is impressive, because the little bugger doesn't even have any teeth!).  Ughh.  So, we spent the next half hour calling the vet and searching "Google" to try to figure out if the cat was going to die from eating medication meant for a dog that weighs "51 to 100 pounds".  All this before even getting out the door to go to work!  It turns out, the cat will live.  Well, provided we choose to let him. 

Tonight at puppy class we had a surprise baby shower for one of the members, also named Michelle.  Honeydew absolutely LOVES Michelle and her husband Thor -- they have watched Honeydew several times in the past when we have gone out of town.  She is very fond of them - and likely a bit jealous that their new arrival will be of the two-legged, furless variety.  

The pictures are of...Honeydew and Futura (a young pup) commiserating about what a boring meeting it is.  The second photo is of a VERY brave cat.  There is a young girl in the puppy club that rescues feral kittens, often just days old, and raises them to be adopted as pets...and this is one of the cats she rescued and that our group leader adopted that comes to class to help socialize the dogs.  Very brave kitty.  Maybe this girl could take our evil bad cat and make him good?  Third picture of Michelle opening her baby shower gifts from the puppies.  And lastly, a group shot...which is about as best we can do in a gym with bad lighting.

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