Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drama Queen

Ms. Honeydew.  She was in fine form yesterday -- working her magic on strangers!  We rode the bus home from downtown, as Glenn had to work late.  She looked so pathetic on the bus...head hanging low, sad, droopy eyes, lots of heavy sighs, so weak she could hardly hold her head up.  

Everyone on the bus felt the need to comment "poor little puppy", "she just wants to go home", "oh, look at those worried eyes"...please!  She was like a little kid - pouting because she didn't get the candy at the store.  If she could have stuck her bottom lip out she would have!  

So, to try to lift her spirits, we got off the bus early to go through the grocery store before walking home...same thing, standing in the check-out line being a drama queen.  Several checkers came over to comment on how pathetic she looked.  Geesh! 

It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!  Most dogs would be tickled to be out in public, going for a walk, riding the bus, going to the store...but Ms. Honeydew has been there and done that.  Old news to her - just a chore now.  I think she should be nominated for an Oscar for such a stellar performance as a poor little puppy.  I honestly think she was doing it on purpose.  Sort of like the Foster's limp (my brother's dog that knows how to get folks to feel sorry for him).  She was in fine form! 

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