Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Puppy Class

Tonight I took some pictures at Honeydew's puppy class.  Next week we get to go on a social with the club - an outdoor art-show.  The best news is that Honeydew should (knock on wood) get her official "puppy in training" jacket!  She did very good at class tonight.  She taught Glenn everything she knows.  :)

1)  First photo is of some of the puppy club members.  As you can see, there is a blind lady (Liz) and her guide partner (Azisis, not sure of spelling) that join us.  It is great to get her perspective on what it is like to rely on a guide dog - and why we are teaching the things we are teaching (e.g like, in photo 3, why they need to ignore pine cones and not pick them up).  The puppy to her left (with the gray pony-tail guy) is Louise...she has always been our favorite of the puppies (until The Dew came along, of course!).

2) Glenn doing the rounds with Honeydew.  I think she was giving me the stink-eye.  You can't see all of the dogs in the background because of the in-shade in-full-sun lighting (of course, Glenn's bro, photographer extraordinaire, would know how to correct for that, but I am clueless).  Honeydew used to run and try to grab the tail of the dog in front of her, but she is much better about that now.

3) "Ahh, Dad.  What do you mean I can't have the pine cone!"  Such torture for little Honeydew.  They kept tossing the pine cones in their path as they were walking, or while they were on a down/stay.  So tempting...but thats a no-no!  So instead, many of them - like miss Honeydew here, just made sure they looked really pathetic about the whole thing.

4) Glenn and Honeydew in line with a bunch of the other pups.  She sure is getting big!

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