Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Pictures

Photo 1:  Honeydew in puppy jail.  She doesn't like this thing - she prefers her darker, plastic, kennel.  But it works well for the times when she isn't in the mood to sleep, but you need her secured.  The other animals wander past and taunt her.  Pretty much pure hell in her book.  She is so abused.

Photo 2:  Bath time!  She does pretty good in the bath, even though she looks pathetic.  I imagine it won't be long before she will be so big that we won't believe she could once fit in the kitchen sink!

Photo 3:  We had some folks come in and do some testing of our house for a study on moisture levels (to help set some national standards...I think our home will likely be the "don't build it like this drafty old thing").  Anyhow, Ruben was determined to escape to the outside world, even if that meant going through the blower fan itself - he would stand in front of it...his hair all blown back and lips flapping in the breeze.  Our house leaks pretty bad - but it isn't the worst they have seen (apparently some guy in Syracuse has that honor).  They put sensors in our home for a year, then come back and get them - and give us free recommendations on how to improve our home (that ought to be quite the tome).  They are currently in the attic measuring insulation levels, etc.  The fun part was when they had to turn the heat on to test leaks in the duct work....ahh, already almost 90 degrees out and the heater on full blast.  Wonderful!!

Photo 4:  Bodine decided to help them with their study.  He actually climbed onto the laptop (one of his favorite things to do) and started one of the blower fan tests for them!  Apparently, once it is started, they can't stop it - it just has to run the full test.  All of the testers started running around the house trying to get things in order for the test because Bodine pre-maturely started it.  They said he has potential and they might hire him to help them test some houses up in Seattle. About time he earned his kibble!

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