Monday, March 22, 2010

Terrible Twos?

It has certainly been a while since a post about Honeydew. Partially, because she is just working on being a plain ole' dog - so there isn't much in the way of excitement to write about. However - she did just turn two years old (March 18), and it would appear she is going through a bit of a rebellious stage. Sigh....

She has started being destructive when we aren't home. She has chewed through all of the TupperWare from the kitchen and anything made of paper in the house - including books - appears to be fair game. As a result, she is going to spend much of her alone time this week in her kennel. Going back to square one in terms of setting expectations for good house manners.

Luckily, she loves her kennel - so she will likely be fairly content. We will also, of course, get her into doggie day care for a bit to burn off some of that never-ending energy. Maybe a pup at doggie day care gave her the low down on being destructive at home? It would be like Honeydew to run with the wrong crowd at day care.....

The pictures are of Honeydew's new favorite toy -- which is also a great tool for helping her burn off some energy. It is this great little plastic egg/ball that she rolls around the house - and occasionally it poops out a kibble. Tonight, she ate her entire dinner this way - provided a good 15-minutes of mental activity!

She has figured out how to get it unstuck when she gets it trapped in places (like under the chairs at the kitchen table), and she has perfected a move that sends the egg spinning like a top on its end - which results in kibble flying out in all directions.

I think she especially enjoys this toy because so much of her Guide Dog training was for her to refuse to eat stuff (human food, kibble, trash) that she found on the floor. So with this, she is essentially "breaking the rules" - which makes the kibble that much sweeter. You know how that is....

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