Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Paddy Dew!

Today our puppy-raising club marched in a neighborhood St. Patrick's Day parade.  It was a great little neighborhood event.  It has been pouring rain all day yesterday and this morning, so we were dreading the outing.  Apparently, they have held this parade for the past 19 years, and it has never rained.  Amazingly, blue sky and sun came out while we walked...only to start pouring rain again afterwards.

Honeydew did fairly well during the parade, but there were a lot of dogs (both in the parade, and as spectators) so she was very geeked up and excited the whole time.  Her head was swiveling so fast from side to side to look at all of the pups that I thought it was going to just spin off her neck!

The photos are of the festivities.  
1) Honeydew looks particularly pitiful in her festive hat.  
2) Glenn helped carry the club banner.  
3) A group of Irish Wolfhounds (I have always wanted one of those) was ahead of us.  There was another large group of Greyhounds.  At one point all of the dogs in both of these groups started was hysterical.  Of course, the Guide Dog pups aren't allowed to vocalize, so they just stood there looking at these other loud dogs like they were nuts.
4) A picture of Honeydew's parade route view.  
5) Honeydew was so pathetic looking in the hat that I had to wear it instead.  Sucker!  Glenn refused to wear it.

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