Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Dew

Here are some newer Honeydew pictures. 

We go back to the vet on Friday - as I think she has an eye infection.  Sheesh - she is a Crim.  She did really well at puppy club tonight - her brother "Heath" was pretty rotten, so it made Honeydew look like a star.  We learned we are teaching her to go to the bathroom incorrectly - so we have to start doing better with that (we aren't supposed to walk them to stimulate them going, you stand in one spot and wait them out).  Oh well, hopefully no permanent damage was done!   She did amazing with me at work today - she was calm and quiet the whole day for the most part.  I was a proud mommy.   Glenn is taking her to work with him tomorrow morning - then he will come get me around noon to go to my MRI.

Pictures include: 
1) Adorable - kinda doing the Billy Idol eye-brow thing.  I think this picture is a keeper.
2) Sleeping in the computer room while dad surfs the internet.
3) Going for a walk with dad in the side yard - looking for slugs or rocks or weeds to eat. You can see there that she isn't as big as she looks in some of the other photos.  She is now a little bigger than Bodine/Maude...where as last week she was smaller than them.  She is growing like a weed.

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