Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Honeydew

Well, tonight at puppy class everyone had to come in costume.  At first I thought it was a silly thing to do - but they explained that it was good for the dogs.  They have to tolerate what you do to them, they have to understand that sometimes other dogs don't look like dogs (e.g. encountering people that have their dogs wearing clothes in public) and that sometimes people don't look like people.   

Photo 1) Honeydew was a Fairie (or, maybe a bug?) - she was adorable!  Grandma (background) got to come to puppy class this week as she was in town critter sitting while Glenn and I went to Bishop (CA) for his 20-year reunion.

Photo 2) Grandy the pirate.  Arg!

Photo 3) Raisers had to be in costume too, so I had matching wings.

Photo 4) Honeydew greeting Dorena, the smallest puppy in our class.

Photo 5) It didn't take long for Honeydew to be quite bored with the whole costume thing!

Photo 6) Another "bug", Clea.  She was as thrilled as Honeydew about the whole experience.

Photo 7) All of the pups in a costume contest.  Fortune, dressed as a hotdog in a bun, was the winner.

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