Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lucky Lab Bike Ride

Glenn and I went on another big bike ride today - it was the "Tour de Lab" - a bike tour to each of the "Lucky Lab Brew Pubs" here in Portland.  It is one of our favorite pubs because you can bring your dogs.  At each pub you got pieces of a dog costume (first bar the tail, second bar the ears, third bar the nose).  Once you got to the last pub with all of your dog bits, you got a free pint of beer (in my case, rootbeer) in a Tour de Lab pint glass that you got to keep. We also got a couple of cool ride t-shirts - with a lab's head wearing a bike helmet. 

All total (including the ride from and back to our house) it was about 35 miles - so it was easier than the 50-miler we did a few weekends ago, but still challenging.  MUCH of it was uphill....up big hills! Never-ending, winding up and up big hills. Ughh.  I was slow up the hills, but I made it - there were many people that had to get off and walk.  Coming back down was great fun though!  There were over 1,200 riders - quite a site.  I took some photos - below....

Photo 1) The finish line...this is what about 1,000 bikes looks like.  It just went on and on and on.

Photo 2) Glenn, with his "ears" - and with his Lucky Lab...Honeydew is getting so big we can hardly pick her up anymore (she is fixated on the cat standing below her)!

Photo 3) A picture of The Dew...just because she is so darn cute!  She didn't get to go with us (lots of folks had dogs in trailers or baskets), but she was with us in spirit!  Toward the end of this month she is going to be in a parade, so that will make up for missing today (I asked if I could bike commute with her in a trailer - but Guidedogs said no, which is understandable...they don't want to risk something happening while she is back there that would make her afraid of traffic or bikes.  Oh well).

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